Australian Hip Hop - Who Are the New Breed?

Aussie HipHop Jackie Onassis Party Music - The Australian Hip Hop arena hasn't been stronger. Yes Australian Hip hop is really healthy but who are the next team of MC's that are going to take over from the above mentions groups?

Aussie HipHop Jackie Onassis Party Music - Well I happen to be hunting the live nightclubs and getting some guidance from the large boys of Australian Hip hop and it's obvious that there is plenty of talent waiting to come through. Actually many people consider that the quality of Australian hip hop is just going to get better. It was only a few years ago when people would complain about hearing the thick Aussie accent in rap - "it seems silly" they'd say. At the moment folks are really embracing the accent and I can only envision what it'll be like in a few years.

So what will be the new breed of Australian Hip hop artists heading to seem like? Is it going to become more electrical, dirtier, more in your face? Time will tell but something that's for certain is that it's going to be thrilling. Seeing young MC's grow in assurance and build there abilities is 1 of my favourite pass times. When the only Australian Hip Hop that you've heard has been played on JJJ then I'd highly recommend you get out and see some of the young talent in your local pubs. Every capital city in Australia is packed full of modest sites that host open mic nights and smaller gigs. Support your local hip hop scene and get down there now. Why do not you even have a go a free styling yourself (I am sure you do it when no body is looking). Who knows you might even be the next big thing in the Australian hip hop landscape - Even the Hilltop Hoods had to begin someplace!